Friday, 26 March 2010

Hummingbird Bakery -Soho-

Have any of you ever seen the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook?

It's delightful, and is full of such yummy treats to make. I bought the book a few weeks ago after spotting it at work and upon finding out there were 3 bakerys in London, I pestered my boyfriend to take me.

So at the weekend, he and I took a trip Londontown, with the promise i'd let him look in a computer store if he let me go to the bakery. It wasn't hard to find, just a few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. It was only small, but amazing inside :) Full of gorgeous cupcakes and brownies and layered cakes. I stood staring at the counter of cakes for a few minutes just trying to take it all in.

Having seen pictures of the cupcakes in the cookbook, I already knew which one I wanted
-red velevet-
and boy, it was lovely! light and fluffy, yet rich and just yummmm!

I felt cruel digging my fork into it and ruining such a beautifully crafted cake, but curious to see what all the fuss was about and hunger getting the better of me, i delved in to find a gorgeous rich red sponge

I did manage to let the boyfriend have a small taste, and he agreed that it was wonderful. Then an awful thing happened :P

It all vanished :(

Hummingbird Bakery = WOW

Has anyone ever been there? Which other cakes should I try?
I feel I MUST visit the other 2 bakerys, for the interest of research ofcourse :D

laura xx

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Anonymous said...

We need to make cupcakes one day! These look delicious :)