Monday, 17 May 2010

Lush Big shampoo review

The boyfriend and I were mooching around Lush at the weekend, when I spotted Big shampoo. I have read reviews of it before, and it's always made me wonder how salt can lather into a shampoo?!

I asked one of the girls there if I could have a little sample to try at home, and off i trotted home with my little pot to try:

I played with it in my hand for abit, smooshing the salt about, still wondering how it could possibly be a shampoo? It lathered really well though, i'm still surprised! I used it twice, the second time the lather was much easier to achieve being on clean hair. I only needed to use a small amount, I have another 2 washes out of my small pot i'd imagine.

The smell is lovely, not at all salty like i'd have thought, really subtle and slightly sweet. Just be careful when washing it tastes salty :s

Big left my hair feeling squeeky clean, I really felt like it had removed all the product build up from my hair and left it nice and clean.
I bleach my hair and dye it pink, the main reason i asked for a sample before buying it was that I find many shampoo's strip my hair of the colour and I was worried being salt, that this would do the same, but I can honestly say that this has not removed any of the colour, and has left me with gloriously shiney, silky smooth hair :D

Do excuse my no make up state, i'm having a lazy day today ^_^

I currently use Daddy-O shampoo, but i'm tempted to buy myself a pot of this next time I find myself near a Lush store.

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