Tuesday, 25 May 2010


What's your favourite scent?

I have been wearing Miss Dior Cherie for the last 6 months or so, and sadly my bottle is starting to run very low :(
It's such a gorgeous bottle, with a cute little bow on and the smell is so lovely-quite sweet but a slight cherry/vanilla hint to it. My boyfriend loves it :)

I was out and about last week in Boots and the nice lady gave me a sample of Vera Wang's Princess. GOSH it's gorgeous! I'm sure I've smelt it before and not been keen, but I've been wearing the scent all day and i cant stop smelling my wrist. The bottle looks lovely-not quite as lovely as my Dior, but it's nice all the same:
So I find myself in a bit of a predicament, which one do I buy?!
Ideally I'd like both..but I've seen a pair of shoes I want in Schuh.. so my money this month will go on them hehe

Do you have a preference..or can you throw another scent into the mix and change my mind?
Also, I've seen a website- cheapsmells.com, they seem to have good reviews and the Vera Wang perfume quite cheap. Has anyone ever used this site? Or can you recommend another place to buy perfume cheap? I usually wait for department stores to have a 10% off day, but this site is even cheaper :D

I look forward to your comments,
(please comment, I'd really like some feedback)



..R May A.. said...

They are probably my top two perfumes!
I love them both, although i tend to reach for vera wangs princess more - just because my tk max seems to always stock it cheaply :p

choux pastry hearts said...

Ooh really?
I'm off there at the weekend, to hunt down some of the St. Moritz fake tan i've seen alot of people shout about, I shall keep my eye out for it :D thank yoooou x