Friday, 27 August 2010

Models Own Order

A HUGE thank you to Models Own for shipping out my order so fast!
Ordered it on Monday, got it today (Friday)

I rushed home from work today to find my parcel had arrived!
It came in a lovely black box with my delivery note in a gorgeous black envelope and my polishes all bubblewrapped up!

My sister and I excitedly opened each packet and gazed at the gorgeous colours:

I shall take some pictures later of the colours, my sister has volunteered herself to test them all out (how kind of her)
I purchased the lip and cheek tint aswell as polishes, however it's turned into more of a finger stain as i blended the colour into my lips with my finger and it's made it a lovely pinkcolour. EEK!

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Cowbiscuits said...

oo i love packages! Never really tried models own! x