Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Superdrug Vibrance Maroon Red 6.45 Review

I've had pink hair for as long as I can remember, but sadly all the years of bleaching my naturally brown hair to a near white has taken it's toll, leaving it VERY thin and fragile. So after having a fair few inches cut off the end, and a fringe cut in, i bravely took the step to dye my hair near to my natural brown in the hope that I will leave it alone and let it strengthen and grow.
I was kidding myself.. I can't leave my hair alone :p
I've been dying it since I was 11, starting out with Shaders and Toners semi permanent packets, then moving onto brighter reds and purples once I'd reached higher years of secondary school. By the time I'd got to college and was allowed to have my hair as i liked, out came the bleach and neon colours!
I'm 24 now and as much as I love my pink hair, I worry it'll fall out and I'll be bald by the time I'm 30! 
I dyed my hair a medium brown colour, which is as close to my natural colour as I can remember and I just wasn't happy with it. I needed something a little different to jazz it up a tad.
While I was in Superdrug, I spotted a new range of hair colours 'Superdrug Vibrance' and at the moment, they are £2.49!
I purchased Maroon Red 6.45 applied it to dry hair and left for 25 mins wrapped up in an old towel. While I was washing it out, my hair felt very dry and I was a little worried, but after using the intense conditioner that comes in the box, I've been left with amazingly soft, shiny, glossy hair.
It's not too much of a dramatic change, but subtle hint of red, that really shines in the light.
For £2.49, you really can't go wrong!
Has anyone else used this range of dyes? I think they're new as I've not seen them before I purchased it a few weeks ago.


Angela Langford Review

Recently I saw on the lovely Jo's blog, a mention about Angela Langford products. I had a little lookit at the website and applied for a free sample, and after a few questions I was shown products to suit my skin type.

I had forgotten all about it, until a few days ago an envelope popped through my door, containing this lovely little package:

I was sent 3 products, a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, 3 leaflets explaining what each product contained and how to use it, and a hand written letter from Angela herself asking me to let her know how I got on with her products. I really appreciate the personal touch when you order products, so already I was very impressed, and the pink mesh and ribbon looks beautiful too.

I had time this morning so decided today was the day I would try out these products. I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to most perfumed products, so when using these, I was a little wary of the strong smells, but so far, so good!
The smells were beautiful though and I'd decided to enjoy them, reaction or not! Each product features many high quality, and where possible, organic essential oils which I read all about on the leaflets and you could smell the quality of the oils used as the fragrances were gorgeous.

I used 'Sweet Cheeks' first, a clear serum to cleanse skin. A few pumps of the cute bottle was all I needed, this applied really well and washed off easily, leaving a lovely smell of roses on my skin.

Next I used 'Freshen up' which was a toner spray that I applied to a cotton pad and wiped over my skin. This left my skin feeling really soft and refreshed.

Sadly, the little pump had broken on the 'Balancing Act' moisturiser, so I had to pry it open and dip my finger in, but no matter :) The leaflet said to only use a few pumps of this product, sceptical me thought I'd need lots more, but how wrong was i! I dipped my finger in the pot and this was enough to moisturise my whole face and leave it feeling so soft!
I don't think my skin has ever felt this soft, I'm actually amazed and keep stroking my face ha ha.
It's not often I can enjoy products with a fragrance, but these have suited my skin perfectly.

I can thoroughly recommend Angela Langford products and urge you to go to her website, have a look around and order your free sample to try them out for yourself!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I heart Edward

This is Edward <3
I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth one morning, to find him having a snooz in the sink. He was very put out that I woke him up and took a picture, but he looks so cuuuute ^_^

Laura x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

False Eyelashes

I'm not really one for day to day wearing of false eyelashes, I have very little patience in applying them, and worry that they'll look a bit OTT for work.

Not your typical librarian:

However, for special nights out I do like to flutter my lashes.
I've purchased various sets over the years, which I've found great-but pricey.

I had a gander on eBay and found that there are sellers in HongKong that will ship 10 PAIRS!!! for around £1.50
Well I thought, even if they're rubbish, it's worth a try and who know, might even get a bargain!

I purchased 10 pairs of 'thick volume' false lashes, and a week later these popped through my door. They didn't come with glue but I have some from previously bought kits so not to worry :) Off to the mirror i skipped and applied my new lashes!

WOW! They're fab!
Not quite as strong and robust as those you'd buy for a few £'s more..but I'm sure if you looked after them, you'd get a few wears out of each pair. Also, I'm not fussed as I have 10 pairs for less than the price of 1!

I'm so impressed with them that I've purchased 10 pairs of the 'natural' lashes and expect Mr postman to bring them to me any day now, so maybe I have been converted; expect a fluttery librarian from now on.

Photos to follow :)

Laura x

Friday, 10 September 2010

DVD and Magic Stars..what more can a girl ask for?

As i'm working early tomorrow, the boyfriend has decided to abandon me this evening, opting for a lay in at his place in the morning :( So i'm left alone for tonight, with a DVD and a half eaten bag of magic stars that he left here last week, that I have taken ownership as his punishment.

I had a choice of DVDs: Leap Year, Remember Me and Nanny McPhee.
The boyfriend is very lovely and doesn't complain too much when I make him sit through a rom com, but I thought i'd spare him this time and watch this one with my new chocolatey friends

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Adams, ever since I saw her in Enchanted she has become my favourite actress and have watched every film she's been in. I hope this one is just as good :D

Have you seen it?

What are your plans for tonight? Have fun whatever you do!

Laura x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Models Own colours

Hello there

I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of the gorgeous nail polishes I purchased in the Models Own 50% off sale! 10 in total, plus a top coat :D

I placed a second order, after seeing how lovely my items were in my 1st package, I just HAD to go back for more, it seemed criminal to let the sale pass without purchasing more lovely polishes! This is a pic of everything I bought:

Lots of lovely items, i'm sure you'll agree. Now on to the nails:

Jade Stone-Beth's Blue-Lemon Meringue-Peach Sherbet-Peacock Green

I adore Jade Stone and Beth's Blue, they painted on really well and covered evenly with 1 coat, but I gave them 2 to be on the safe side. Lemon and Peach took 3 coats and still looked patchy, however this is common with pastels. Peacock Green is a gorgeous shade, my camera doesn't pick up just how colourful it is.
I wore Jade to work and within 5 mins I'd had a few comments on where I'd gotten it from.
The next day I wore Beth's Blue and got even more comments throughout the day!
However I've had Peach on for 3 days, and not 1 comment :(

Red Alert-Sophie's Pink-Raspberry Crush-Nude Beige-Top Turquoise

Red Alert is the most gorgeous shade of red, it covered very well, only took 1 coat to give a really bright colour, but I did use 2. The pink is a little too neon for my liking, it doesn't look quite this bright in the bottle..but I like it. Raspberry Crush is a nice alternative to red, it's deep in colour but had lovely pink/purple undertones to it. Nude Beige is a much loved shade of many people, and I am one of those, it's a really nice neutral shade that looks fab! Top turquoise is a lovely shade of blue/green, definitely a favourite of mine!

The majority of the nail varnishes covered extremely well, and I was very surprised at how quick they dried, 2 coats and a top coat were touch dry within minutes and smudge proof in less than 10! I've spent many an hour flapping my arms about to try and dry my nails, only to smudge and have to re paint. Models Own allowed me to paint it on and spend my time admiring the colour.

I'm having trouble picking my favourite, but I think it'll have to be Beth's Blue:

I wish I'd have bought more in the 50% off sale, having looked at other people's reviews, I'd have liked to have bought a pale pink, and some of the glitters, maybe a purple shade. I have the Barry M lilac, but the Models Own looks gorgeous!

I also purchased a blusher, a retractable brush and a blending eye shadow brush, which I'm so pleased with. The blush gives a lovely colour to my cheeks, applied perfectly with the brush. I wish I'd have bought the brush set rather than just 1 of the eye shadow set.

Hopefully they'll have another sale on sometime, I might just be rich enough to buy everything then :p

at £5 a pop, these nail varnishes aren't all that cheap compared to the likes of Barry M, but the pot is a fair size and the coverage and drying speed are well worth the price tag! I shall be repurchasing a few of the shades from Boots, I'm sure!

Did anyone else indulge in the sale and get anything special?

Laura xx