Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Angela Langford Review

Recently I saw on the lovely Jo's blog, a mention about Angela Langford products. I had a little lookit at the website and applied for a free sample, and after a few questions I was shown products to suit my skin type.

I had forgotten all about it, until a few days ago an envelope popped through my door, containing this lovely little package:

I was sent 3 products, a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, 3 leaflets explaining what each product contained and how to use it, and a hand written letter from Angela herself asking me to let her know how I got on with her products. I really appreciate the personal touch when you order products, so already I was very impressed, and the pink mesh and ribbon looks beautiful too.

I had time this morning so decided today was the day I would try out these products. I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to most perfumed products, so when using these, I was a little wary of the strong smells, but so far, so good!
The smells were beautiful though and I'd decided to enjoy them, reaction or not! Each product features many high quality, and where possible, organic essential oils which I read all about on the leaflets and you could smell the quality of the oils used as the fragrances were gorgeous.

I used 'Sweet Cheeks' first, a clear serum to cleanse skin. A few pumps of the cute bottle was all I needed, this applied really well and washed off easily, leaving a lovely smell of roses on my skin.

Next I used 'Freshen up' which was a toner spray that I applied to a cotton pad and wiped over my skin. This left my skin feeling really soft and refreshed.

Sadly, the little pump had broken on the 'Balancing Act' moisturiser, so I had to pry it open and dip my finger in, but no matter :) The leaflet said to only use a few pumps of this product, sceptical me thought I'd need lots more, but how wrong was i! I dipped my finger in the pot and this was enough to moisturise my whole face and leave it feeling so soft!
I don't think my skin has ever felt this soft, I'm actually amazed and keep stroking my face ha ha.
It's not often I can enjoy products with a fragrance, but these have suited my skin perfectly.

I can thoroughly recommend Angela Langford products and urge you to go to her website, have a look around and order your free sample to try them out for yourself!

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