Friday, 10 September 2010

DVD and Magic Stars..what more can a girl ask for?

As i'm working early tomorrow, the boyfriend has decided to abandon me this evening, opting for a lay in at his place in the morning :( So i'm left alone for tonight, with a DVD and a half eaten bag of magic stars that he left here last week, that I have taken ownership as his punishment.

I had a choice of DVDs: Leap Year, Remember Me and Nanny McPhee.
The boyfriend is very lovely and doesn't complain too much when I make him sit through a rom com, but I thought i'd spare him this time and watch this one with my new chocolatey friends

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Adams, ever since I saw her in Enchanted she has become my favourite actress and have watched every film she's been in. I hope this one is just as good :D

Have you seen it?

What are your plans for tonight? Have fun whatever you do!

Laura x

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liz said...

Yes, i love leap year. I have watched it. Tough it is not as romantic as the notebook or love actually, it is enjoyable.
Anw, i fall in love with Dublin after seeing this film :)