Thursday, 9 September 2010

Models Own colours

Hello there

I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of the gorgeous nail polishes I purchased in the Models Own 50% off sale! 10 in total, plus a top coat :D

I placed a second order, after seeing how lovely my items were in my 1st package, I just HAD to go back for more, it seemed criminal to let the sale pass without purchasing more lovely polishes! This is a pic of everything I bought:

Lots of lovely items, i'm sure you'll agree. Now on to the nails:

Jade Stone-Beth's Blue-Lemon Meringue-Peach Sherbet-Peacock Green

I adore Jade Stone and Beth's Blue, they painted on really well and covered evenly with 1 coat, but I gave them 2 to be on the safe side. Lemon and Peach took 3 coats and still looked patchy, however this is common with pastels. Peacock Green is a gorgeous shade, my camera doesn't pick up just how colourful it is.
I wore Jade to work and within 5 mins I'd had a few comments on where I'd gotten it from.
The next day I wore Beth's Blue and got even more comments throughout the day!
However I've had Peach on for 3 days, and not 1 comment :(

Red Alert-Sophie's Pink-Raspberry Crush-Nude Beige-Top Turquoise

Red Alert is the most gorgeous shade of red, it covered very well, only took 1 coat to give a really bright colour, but I did use 2. The pink is a little too neon for my liking, it doesn't look quite this bright in the bottle..but I like it. Raspberry Crush is a nice alternative to red, it's deep in colour but had lovely pink/purple undertones to it. Nude Beige is a much loved shade of many people, and I am one of those, it's a really nice neutral shade that looks fab! Top turquoise is a lovely shade of blue/green, definitely a favourite of mine!

The majority of the nail varnishes covered extremely well, and I was very surprised at how quick they dried, 2 coats and a top coat were touch dry within minutes and smudge proof in less than 10! I've spent many an hour flapping my arms about to try and dry my nails, only to smudge and have to re paint. Models Own allowed me to paint it on and spend my time admiring the colour.

I'm having trouble picking my favourite, but I think it'll have to be Beth's Blue:

I wish I'd have bought more in the 50% off sale, having looked at other people's reviews, I'd have liked to have bought a pale pink, and some of the glitters, maybe a purple shade. I have the Barry M lilac, but the Models Own looks gorgeous!

I also purchased a blusher, a retractable brush and a blending eye shadow brush, which I'm so pleased with. The blush gives a lovely colour to my cheeks, applied perfectly with the brush. I wish I'd have bought the brush set rather than just 1 of the eye shadow set.

Hopefully they'll have another sale on sometime, I might just be rich enough to buy everything then :p

at £5 a pop, these nail varnishes aren't all that cheap compared to the likes of Barry M, but the pot is a fair size and the coverage and drying speed are well worth the price tag! I shall be repurchasing a few of the shades from Boots, I'm sure!

Did anyone else indulge in the sale and get anything special?

Laura xx

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