Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ed's Diner

My lovely boyfriend took me out to dinner last night 
"Anywhere you want, your choice" he says!
So after some serious thought (one cannot make dinner choice lightly) I decided on Ed's Diner, our nearest one being in Lakeside shopping centre which is just up the road from us. 

We trotted into Lakeside, up to the food court and were seated in a booth!! in the diner. It's such a lovely place, little juke boxes filled with 60's music to pick from at every table (cue Ricky and I wiggling along to all the songs)

I had a yummy cheeseburger, which was so big that it came in a little paper bag to keep it all in! Ricky had a HUGE burger with bacon, a hash brown, fried egg and lord knows what else! The hash brown is so big it comes over the side so he cut me off my own little bit (to test it isn't poison, of course :p ) yummy! 
We shared a bowl of chippies, onion rings and a milkshake <3

The milkshakes are DIVINE, we had strawberry but they do lots of others including peanut butter, which I hear is lush.

Sadly I ate too much yummy burger and chips to even attempt a glance at the ice cream menu :(
note to self: save room for yummy ice cream next time! 

Is there an Ed's Diner near you? 
I really recommend going in for a burger, it's so cosy in there and I just love the Diner decor. I took my grandad there for his 80th birthday a few months back, and they were so good, putting balloons on our table and putting up with 8 of us all being pests ^_^ 
Just need to think of another excuse to go now :p 


..R May A.. said...

There isn't one near me but i really wish there was!
this looks so cool :)

choux pastry hearts said...

If you ever go London bound, it's worth going :D x