Friday, 5 November 2010

Glamour Magazine

I'm sure most of you know by now, but for those of you who don't
Glamour Magazine has a freebie this month!
a full size bottle of Nails Inc. nail polish!

I picked up a copy today, my chosen shade is hampstead heath
It's hard to describe this shade, it's a bit red, a bit purple, but very gorgeous!
I shall be painting my nails with it tonight with the hope I receive lots of comments at work tomorrow.

There are 4 shades on offer, but there were only 2 in the shop I went in. Hampsted heath and a pale bubblegum pink. I decided against this one as I've a million pink nail varnishes and it wasn't as pastel in colour as I'd have liked. Judging by the picture on the cover, the other 2 shades look like a mushroom colour and a dark purple/black?
If I see these, I may well just pick up a few more copies of the mag! 

Has anyone bought Glamour mag this month?


Avon 8 in 1 eye palette review

A few weeks ago I put my order in for the natural shades Avon 8 in 1 eye palette. I've not had a chance to review it up until now, so here goes;

It comes in a nice sized compact, which is small enough to put in your make up bag, but big enough to be practical to use on the go and with 2 double ended application sponges (apologies for the bad quality pictures)

 The compact also has a good sized mirror, which for me is very handy as I'm always losing my handbag mirror.

I've tried to show you the colours, but my camera is playing up. As you can (just about) see, the colours are quite shimmery, but they're not too sparkly once blended in. I've been wearing the lighter shades for work all week and saving the medium shades for a bit more definition in the afternoon/evening. The darkest shade is a little too dark for me so I don't think it'll get much wear other than blending for definition.

 Bracelet:Pandora leather lariat with heart charm

I really do like this palette, and for £5, it's quite the bargain!

Laura xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Graze (review)

I've been pondering the idea of ordering a box from Graze for a while now, so when i saw on Imogen's blog that she gave us a code for a free box and the next one half price, I jumped at the chance! 

I signed up to the site, which was really quick and easy -even for technophobes like moi! It's great, you get to pick the things you love, like, are willing to try or that are a big no no. (No olives please, but dried fruit and nuts <3) 

I picked my box to arrive on Wednesday (today) and my lovely postman popped it through my letter box and there it was, sitting in my porch! :D

 I love the idea that they go that extra mile to make it personal, my name is on the booklet, and included is a leaflet with what's in your box and all the nutritional numbers. 

 As you can see, Edward is also interested in my Graze box :) 
I love this concept of Graze, you can have it delivered to your office or place of work to stop you snacking on biscuits. I had mine delivered at home, as I know my work collegues would try and pinch my yummy new snacks haha :p 

I really reccommend Graze if you're wanting to eat abit healthier, or even just to try. Some healthy eating plans deny you of all treats, but these boxes work on the concept that you can have 80% healthy, 20% treat so I don't feel guilty that my nuts are frosted with honey and my cranberries are dipped in yoghurt ;) 
I was kindly given a code to share with my friends so you can enjoy a free box, and then your second box half price!

Use code: 5J9KFNR3 and enjoy!


Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween!

Did everyone have a good weekend?
Of course, it was Halloween ^_^ time to goth it up and eat sweeties!

(how cute is that!! found on interwebs)

In past years, I've spent Halloween with friends and had a party.
Last year I spent it in Shepherd Bush Empire watching Fightstar! Which was the most amazing gig with everyone, including them, dressed up and dancing about! Getting the tube home at 1am with vampires, ghouls, skeletons and pumpkins was so much fun! 

This year I spent it with my boy <3 
He'd never carved a pumpkin before, he told me!
So off I toddled to Asda and picked up some pumpkins, they were only £1! Bargain! I also picked up a little carving kit too with a scraper and a little saw which made carving really easy. I used to spend hours trying to carve a face out with a blunt knife when I was younger. 

These were our creations:


We also made a delicious roast lamb dinner, but as always, they take hours to make and seconds to demolish! I've been brought up helping make food so I'm quite the chef when I put my mind to it, and I'm very lucky to have a boy who enjoys cooking as much as I do and he's very good at it (if not better-but don't tell him that :p)  

Whilst he was trimming the meat and making it yummy with garlic and rosemary, I whipped up some biscuit dough, and we made these yummy creations:

They started out as Halloween biscuits, but due to a lack of cutters and imagination, we ended up with hearts, moons, a strange shaped bat and ghosts. They tasted very yummy indeed! 

Enough waffling from me, 
I have a dental appointment in a few hours as I chipped my tooth (on a bacon sandwich :s ) at the weekend so I'm trying not to flap and worry, but I hate hate hate the dentist and I'm so worried I'll loose my tooth and ruin my smile!
Keep calm and carry on, as they say! :/