Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Graze (review)

I've been pondering the idea of ordering a box from Graze for a while now, so when i saw on Imogen's blog that she gave us a code for a free box and the next one half price, I jumped at the chance! 

I signed up to the site, which was really quick and easy -even for technophobes like moi! It's great, you get to pick the things you love, like, are willing to try or that are a big no no. (No olives please, but dried fruit and nuts <3) 

I picked my box to arrive on Wednesday (today) and my lovely postman popped it through my letter box and there it was, sitting in my porch! :D

 I love the idea that they go that extra mile to make it personal, my name is on the booklet, and included is a leaflet with what's in your box and all the nutritional numbers. 

 As you can see, Edward is also interested in my Graze box :) 
I love this concept of Graze, you can have it delivered to your office or place of work to stop you snacking on biscuits. I had mine delivered at home, as I know my work collegues would try and pinch my yummy new snacks haha :p 

I really reccommend Graze if you're wanting to eat abit healthier, or even just to try. Some healthy eating plans deny you of all treats, but these boxes work on the concept that you can have 80% healthy, 20% treat so I don't feel guilty that my nuts are frosted with honey and my cranberries are dipped in yoghurt ;) 
I was kindly given a code to share with my friends so you can enjoy a free box, and then your second box half price!

Use code: 5J9KFNR3 and enjoy!



Haribo said...

This is a really lovely idea, I wish they had something like this in Malta. Even full price they're really reasonable! x

..R May A.. said...

I've heard alot about these boxes but not seen a full post oin them - thanks :)

Missy said...

I love graze. My mum and sister both have them and now I want them too! Good food in cute packaging. What's not to love!

I'm having a giveaway at,
if you'd like to enter!

Love Missy