Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween!

Did everyone have a good weekend?
Of course, it was Halloween ^_^ time to goth it up and eat sweeties!

(how cute is that!! found on interwebs)

In past years, I've spent Halloween with friends and had a party.
Last year I spent it in Shepherd Bush Empire watching Fightstar! Which was the most amazing gig with everyone, including them, dressed up and dancing about! Getting the tube home at 1am with vampires, ghouls, skeletons and pumpkins was so much fun! 

This year I spent it with my boy <3 
He'd never carved a pumpkin before, he told me!
So off I toddled to Asda and picked up some pumpkins, they were only £1! Bargain! I also picked up a little carving kit too with a scraper and a little saw which made carving really easy. I used to spend hours trying to carve a face out with a blunt knife when I was younger. 

These were our creations:


We also made a delicious roast lamb dinner, but as always, they take hours to make and seconds to demolish! I've been brought up helping make food so I'm quite the chef when I put my mind to it, and I'm very lucky to have a boy who enjoys cooking as much as I do and he's very good at it (if not better-but don't tell him that :p)  

Whilst he was trimming the meat and making it yummy with garlic and rosemary, I whipped up some biscuit dough, and we made these yummy creations:

They started out as Halloween biscuits, but due to a lack of cutters and imagination, we ended up with hearts, moons, a strange shaped bat and ghosts. They tasted very yummy indeed! 

Enough waffling from me, 
I have a dental appointment in a few hours as I chipped my tooth (on a bacon sandwich :s ) at the weekend so I'm trying not to flap and worry, but I hate hate hate the dentist and I'm so worried I'll loose my tooth and ruin my smile!
Keep calm and carry on, as they say! :/


Haribo said...

Your pumpkins and biscuits look soo cute! I didn't do anything this year but I'm jealous of your halloween!

Love the blog it's really cute :) xxx

..R May A.. said...

The first picture is so cute!
I was a little differnt this year and carved a cat face in my pumpkin :P
love the biscuits :)