Monday, 24 January 2011

Keep calm and make cupcakes

 image from weheartit

My boyfriend and I love cooking together and a recent trip to the shops resulted in us buying a packet mix of cupcakes. Excitedly we made these on Friday night, but they didn't turn out quite as yummy as home made ones.
With a left over bowl of butter icing and a day off home alone today, I decided to look up a recipe and get baking. 

Enchanted by the sparkles, I noted down the recipe from Milly's Blog, and got whisking.

I used the following:

4oz butter 
(I only had 'I can't believe it's not butter')
4oz sugar
(Caster sugar works better)
2 large free rang eggs
6oz self raising flour
cap full of vanilla essence 
cup of tea is optional :p

Using an electric hand held whisk, I creamed the butter with the sugar, then added 2 eggs and whisked some more. Messily I sieved the flour into the mix (which is my favourite bit as it looks like snow falling all over) with a dash of vanilla. Then mix mix mixed some more :) 

 I followed Milly's tip and used a piping bag to pipe the mixture into the cake cases.. which was a little messy to say the least. Luckily my mum is working late today so I have time to clean up! Once I got the hang of it, I produced 9 lovely cakes (and 1 messy one) 

I think where I usually go wrong with cupcakes is that I over fill them. I decided to follow the recipe and only fill the cases just a little over half way, I'm so glad I did as they've all risen perfectly.

My sister bought me these cute cake cases for Christmas, along with a piping bag set. So once these babies have cooled, I shall work on my piping bag skillz and attempt to decorate them with butter icing. 

My butter icing had gone hard in the fridge, so I added a smidge of milk..
sadly I added a smidge too much and it went too wet :(
Never mind, top with pink sprinkes and edible shimmer.
They tasted VERY yummy though ^_^


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