Thursday, 3 February 2011

Save Our Libraries Day

Some of you may be aware, that due to recent budget cuts by Government, Libraries are being forced to make huge cuts. The Library budget goes mainly on staff and resources such as books. Once the book budget has been cut so dramatically that it's impossible to cut any more, then the only thing to cut is the staff budget, resulting in libraries having no option but to reduce opening hours and even some resulting in closures.

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I know not everyone needs to use a library every day, but think back to when you were small and were learning to read. The library was a place to go to pick out your books and get stickers and sit and read with your parents whilst making new friends with other boys and girls doing the same. It's the place you go when your printer/Internet packs up and your coursework is due TOMORROW! It's the place you go when you're low on cash but fancy reading a book. It's the place you go to ask what was the name of that book your friend told you about 6 years ago and it has a blue cover and is about a man named Joe and you're really sorry but you can't remember anything else. It's the place you take your children when it's raining and they're full of energy but it's not possible to go to the park. It's the place you go when you need a text book for uni that costs £80 but you only need it for 1 reference and will never use it again and you only have £20 of your loan left and you've been invited to the pub tonight. It's the place you go to pick up the new release of your favourite author, or find a few favourite. It's the place you go to meet your friends after school and spend 2 hours playing Farmville and giggling to your best friend Jade over MSN about the cute boy that's sitting next to you. It's the place you go when you've an exam next week but you can't concentrate at home and just need quiet time. It's the place you go when you're decorating and need a manual to help put up wallpaper. It's the place you go to browse the millions of fad diet books out there, before you move on to the cookery books to cheer yourself up. It's the place your nan goes to when her eyesight starts to go to pick up larger print books, or books on CD. It's the place you go to pick up the 10 books you've ordered from their website 3 days before as you've not got time to browse but just love to read. It's the place you spend 2 hours flicking through the daily paper or glossy magazines with a cup of coffee.


It's a place you go when you need advice, guidance, help, or even just a chat.

As a librarian, I see all ages of people from all cultures and backgrounds every day and there really is something for everyone. The library is a place where people just get on. It's a safe place to visit where you can chill out and browse without being hassled to buy something or just give 5 minutes of your time to answer some questions and it wont cost you any money today. 


This Saturday is Save Our Libraries Day

What we're asking you to do is: 

If you can spare an hour, get down to your local library, have a browse round and see if anything takes your fancy. Sign up if you're not already a member and take some books home to enjoy. Hire out a DVD for the weekend, or a CD to play in the car. Use the Internet and printer for a small fee, or even free. 

If you've got a few minutes, find your local library on the Internet, sign up for a card online and have a browse on the website and see what they have to offer.

If you've got a few more minutes, find the email address of your local MP and write to them. Tell them how you feel about your local library and what it has to offer you.

People use libraries for all sorts of reasons, why not check it out and find yours.

Please tell people about Saturday, the more we show our support, the greater the hope to save our libraries.



SkellyBones said...

I heard recently that my local library might have to close and it really depresses me ): I don't have much money so can't afford to buy lots of books, and I'm a huge bookworm! I regularly go to the library and even though it's small, I've grown to love it and the wonderful staff who work there.

Last Sunday I went to Norwich to print out some A3 photos that I needed for a university interview the following morning. The printing shop's printer was broken, so I went to the library who were able to print my pictures for me. If the library wasn't there I'd have been in big trouble and possibly not gotten an offer from the university! xxx

choux pastry hearts said...

If you get time tomorrow, go to your local library and take out a few books, even if you return them the next day. We're trying to get as many issues and people through the doors as possible.

Email your local MP and tell her your story, it's stories like this that don't get heard but our services are so greatly valued.

Tuesday, a girl rushed to my desk and said she had an interview in 15 mins but her printer was broken and she needed her CV printed. She handed me her memory stick and I printed it off for her, wished her luck and off she skipped. It's little things like that what make libraries stand out, and it's such a pleasure to help.

Thanks so much for your reply