Thursday, 31 March 2011

This month I have..

I have been buying…Lots of petrol for my car, white wicker things for my room
I have been eating at… Subway (my new addiction) Harvester (SO looking forward to it getting warmer so I can eat in the beer garden
I have visited…Lakeside, Colchester
Best Bargain…Laura Ashley bird house fairy lights from eBay
I have achieved…being kind to my hair, not using ghds and hairdryer too much
I've been listening to... Rihanna, Katie B
I've been reading...Jill Mansell-making your mind up
Next month I’m looking forward to…sunshine!!
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…Summer clothes and shoes

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring has Sprung

We are now into Spring in the UK and I think I can speak for most people when I say that the sunshine has been missed and we're so happy to see it's return, even if it is only sporadic at the moment.

After feeling quite chirpy a few weeks ago over getting my new car and a much needed few days off work to spend with my boy, it all turned sour and I had to return my car due to her developing major faults which caused so much upset and stress. The stress has now come out in the form of a bug and I've had to take a few days off work to rest and recover.

Rather than moap and harp on about woe is me, I've decided to cheer myself up with some lovely images of Spring: 

In spring we get to see baby ducks and rabbits around the parks, trees and flowers start to bloom with beautiful blossom and the sun shows it's happy face.
Also, for us girlies, Spring means that we see the welcome return of summer dresses, flip flops and ice cream!!

I got a little carried away with the pictures, sorry :)
They got me thinking of all the things i'm looking forward to over the next few months;

having a picnic in the sunshine
sitting in the garden in my pj's with a cup of tea at 7am
feeding the ducks at the pond
not having to take a jumper and a coat everywhere i go
taking myself off to the park, sitting under a tree and reading a book
getting my legs out in a skirt without tights on
eating Harvester in their beer garden
seeing my rabbit hop about in his run

What are you looking forward to?


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Birthday Dinner update:

Today was my boyfriend's 24th birthday and after a stressful day at work, he came over for dinner and to chill out. I've been planning the menu for a few days now and knowing he would have had a bit of a rubbish day, I wanted to make it special for him. So I knocked up a steak pie with mash, peas and carrots followed by chocolate birthday cake.

I needn't have worried, as it was all extremely yummy and the pie was all gobbled up!

The chocolate cake was very yummy too and turned out a lot better than I had expected! I'm very impressed with myself today, even if I did spend about 6 hours making a pie and a cake.


I'm having quite a nice week

A few years ago, I was appointed chief looker-afterer of my lovely Grandad, which meant selling my beloved Jeep and purchasing a practical but 'does nothing for your street cred' Ford Fusion. I do believe I am the youngest owner of the model in the world, the average owner age being about 70. Me being 24.

Last year my Grandad upped and moved with family so I became regular Laura again. Laura, stuck with a Fusion :( I had a bit of a low week last week feeling hormonal and the weather wasn't great. My mum suggested that I search for a new car to cheer myself up. I'd been hunting around before Christmas but never quite found 'the one'

After tapping around online, I found this little car:

I put my deposit down on Sunday for her after 'the longest test drive the man had ever been on' and I'm awaiting a call to pick her up. Thankfully the garage are going to take my Fusion PX so hopefully she will go to a nice old couple who will drive her on a Sunday to Marks and Spencer's. 

Also, my gorgeous boyfriend is 24 today so I've risen to the domestic goddess challenge and baked him a Nigella Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake. I baked it on Monday night and it's ready to be iced today. I left the icing to the last minute as I don't think I could stand the temptation to not have a piece (just to test that it was OK)  
I'm hoping it will turn out as yummy as Nigella's

In a quest to save some pennies, as I now have a new car to pay for :( I suggest that I make dinner tonight also. I'm quite a good dinner chef, but I tend to stick to the things that I do well. Silly me suggested that I make a steak pie, as i've never made a pie before, i've been scouring the Internet for recipes. Wish me luck! 

This week has started off nicely and today the sun is shining. My plans for today are to walk to the little shops and buy some icing sugar, then crack on with the cake. Nip to the bank and take out all my money and give it to the new car man, then wait for the Birthday Boy to come over so I can spoil him with pie and cake :)

Hopefully tomorrow will be NEW CAR DAY! 

I hope you're all having a nice week. Do you have plans?
Do you have a Micra?