Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A little shopping to heal the soul..

Gosh, what strange weather we've had today! I met up with a friend for a wander and we got rained on about 4 times, in between glorious sunshine. My boyfriend works in London and he took a picture of a double rainbow over his office! 

I'm off to the shops for dinner with the boy tonight and to take advantage of the Boots offer that's on today, spend £50 and get £12 of points. Don't mind if I do! He's asked Father Christmas for a shaver for Xmas, and seeing as I've already reluctantly started my shopping, I guess it's OK that I earn points to spend on myself buy him one.
I've also spotted a coat that i need want

It's a little greener than in the picture, I tried it on at the weekend and loved it, but was talked out of it at the time. Ever since then I've been slumping about in my old winter coat (a big purple thing from asda) and it's just not the same. I shall update you of my other purchases things I don't need.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. I used to love dressing up as a child, my mum would make a head-hole in a bin liner which made a lovely dress, I'd cover my face in green face paint and off I'd trot to scare my nan and grandad who would be waiting with sweeties. Those were the days, eh?

Now I'm a grown up, it's not quite as fun but I try to get into the spirit, every year my friend Caroline holds a pumpkin carving afternoon, which involves lots of pumpkins, bowls of pumpkin mush and messy hands. 
The result:

 So tomorrow I'm off to carve my pumpkin, and I shall be taking with me some goodies. Usually I take some crisps and sweeties but this year I've decided to make some cupcakes. I am cheating a little as I'm using a packet mix, but it's Betty Crocker, so they'll be LUSH! 

I was in Asda at the weekend and saw the cutest little Halloween cupcake cases for £1 so tonight I shall be whipping up a batch. 


I don't actually have any other Halloween plans, I'd love to go to a party if I knew someone who was having one. I might dress up and scare myself silly watching Hollyoaks though.

Does anyone else have plans?



Monday, 24 October 2011

Laura Loves..

I've been feeling a bit glum recently, so to cheer myself up I've spent a few hours looking at things I love:

All images from weheartit or my own

 I adore fireworks. I remember being a child and going to a display and being totally amazed. 
I still go to a display every year and spend the whole time staring at the colours and lights. 

Chinese food. You really can't beat a chicken chow mein and bbq ribs on a Friday night, can you?! 

 Ruby Slippers. The Wizard of Oz started my obsession with shoes and remains one of my favourite films of all time.

Curling up and reading a great book. Bliss. (That is me engrossed in Jill Mansell)

 Do I really need to say anything? Kittens <3 
 Chocolate torte. I'm not always a pudding girl but faced with a dessert menu, It's not easy for me to say no to this delicious dish. 

 Winter boots. I'm on the hunt for some cosy boots to stomp around in this winter.

 Beautiful rooms. I'm in the process of re decorating my room and pictures like this give me such inspiration.

 Red velvet cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery is such a treat for me, yum yum!

 A nice cup of tea. There really are very few things better than a cup of tea.

I think secretly, every girl would give their right arm for a Chanel bag. I know I would. 

 Same goes for Louboutins *sigh*

 This is my car, Melanie C Micra Sport. She's my pride and joy, it took me a long while to save up and find her, but she was worth every penny.
 Miss Dior Cherie EDP is my smell. I'm so fussy with perfumes and turn my nose up at so many but I adore this. The bottle drew me in originally, and at first I wasn't keen as i'd sniffed the EDT. But after noticing the EDP another time, I was in love!
 How amazing would it be to wake up and be presented with this delight?!

 To Be Continued..


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Super Cosy

Just a quick post for now as I'm due in work at 2pm and it's now 1.06, luckily I live a 10 minute (quick) walk away!

Despite the illusion of a glorious summers day, today is bloody freezing!! I'm not complaining too much though, as this means I can now crack out my new 'super cosy' tights which I picked up in Primark at the weekend. I bought a black pair last year and I lived in them all winter, so when I saw them this time, I squeaked and did a little jump! I grabbed a pair of footless black and purpley red normal tights. I've yet to try out the footless ones, but I'm pleased they do these now as I like to wear boots in winter and I often find tights can be a bit slippy so I like to wear socks over my tights for extra non slip.

So today I'm showing off my new purpley red tights, it's just a shame that I'll be stuck stood behind a desk serving old ladies and chatting to kids coming back from school so they won't be appreciated as much as they should be!

I shall take a picture later, once my shift is done :)


Monday, 17 October 2011

Why is everyone in such a hurry to grow up?


I went to a wedding reception on Saturday, silly me didn't take my camera to take pictures of me and my boy looking fancy.
 It was a lovely night, but there was one thing that annoyed me. I was asked a few times how long I'd been with my boyfriend, nearly 2 years I say, their reply, "ooh! how comes you're not living together? wont be long before the babies come along! this'll be your night before long" 

Yes, it's all well and good encouraging people to take the next step in life, but I feel when people you don't even know say things like that, they're poking fun at you almost.

Yes, if I had a nice big fat bank account then maybe I would be living in a lovely little house with my boy and be planning our future. But I'm in no rush to move in, get married and have babies just yet.

I think too much pressure is put on people to speed through life and do all the things other people tell you to that you should be doing. Once you've rushed though doing all those things, then what's next? Spend your whole life coping with the bills and pressure that come with having a house and a baby and a wedding! 
I shall be spending the next few years enjoying being young-ish, not having high financial commitments and getting to know my lovely boyfriend. I very much enjoy the time we spend together and that we are able to afford to go out for dinner every now and then or out for the day and enjoy each other's company and getting to know each other and see how our future pans out in our own time, not pushed by others.

Am I reading too far into those comments, or am I right?



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Starting early this year

Now don't get me wrong, I like Christmas as much as the next person, but what I don't like is when people claim to have bought all their prezzies in March, wrapped them all up, decorated with a bows and ribbons and are now ready for Xmas. Where's the spirit in that!? 

I like to make a few lists and get ideas around this time of year so when it comes to December, I have a vague idea of what I'm getting people and going out shopping for gifts doesn't feel quite so daunting.

I was tapping away on my laptop Monday night searching for pretty things for me for my sister and I came across this:

It's by Ted Baker. My sister recently bought a TB bag the same colour with a gorgeous silver bow on, so I just know she'll love this. I don't like buying gifts too early as it ruins the fun of Christmas for me, and sometimes I forget I've bought things. But I've fallen at the first hurdle this year: ASOS had it on sale with free delivery so I snapped it up quick. It's now sold out in this colour so I'm patting myself on the back at my bargain find and it means I'll have a few pennies to buy her something else nearer the time.

Am I alone in my view of keeping Christmas shopping an activity to be enjoyed in December or are you an organised early planner?


Thursday, 6 October 2011


I've lost about a stone in weight over the last 2 months due to falling ill, so out of curiosity, I decided to dig out some jeans I'd bought a while back but never got around to slimming into (Kate Moss for Topshop-they were £20 in the sale so I convinced myself i'd squeeze my bottom in and make them fit). To my surprise,

They fit!!
(Cue me parading and leaping around the lounge saying to my boyfriend 'LOOK, LOOK!!!' he didn't quite understand my glee but said they were nice jeans)

I've had to wash them as they were a bit dusty, so i'm hoping the washing machine is kind to them and doesnt shrink them! 

Sitting in the same bag of old clothes as my slim jeans was a pair of trousers I used to wear for work, I've now wiggled myself into them too, and also another pair of jeans i'd forgotten about.

Insipred by many 'Pan 10' blogger projects, I've been on a spending ban on cosmetics and beauty products this year and only allowing myself to buy replacements once i've used up the old products. By doing this, i've saved a fortune and I've used up lots of bits and bobs i've had laying around for a while taking up space and gathering dust. I've also done this with shoes, digging out new but never worn old shoes and getting wear from them rather than buying new ones. 

So now i'm intruiged as to what old clothes I can rediscover and get some more wear from. The change in season and temperature will give me an excuse to dig out some old favourites.

Has anyone been rediscovering some old favourites?


Monday, 3 October 2011

Summer Lovin'

I can't quite believe the weather at the weekend, can you!?

My boyfriend and I took a stroll to a local nature park/field and sat under a tree with some fruit for a little picnic yesterday and it was glorious.
I sat watching dogs run about and bee's buzzing in the clover :)


 The boy took this on his phone, how lovely :)

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine