Thursday, 6 October 2011


I've lost about a stone in weight over the last 2 months due to falling ill, so out of curiosity, I decided to dig out some jeans I'd bought a while back but never got around to slimming into (Kate Moss for Topshop-they were £20 in the sale so I convinced myself i'd squeeze my bottom in and make them fit). To my surprise,

They fit!!
(Cue me parading and leaping around the lounge saying to my boyfriend 'LOOK, LOOK!!!' he didn't quite understand my glee but said they were nice jeans)

I've had to wash them as they were a bit dusty, so i'm hoping the washing machine is kind to them and doesnt shrink them! 

Sitting in the same bag of old clothes as my slim jeans was a pair of trousers I used to wear for work, I've now wiggled myself into them too, and also another pair of jeans i'd forgotten about.

Insipred by many 'Pan 10' blogger projects, I've been on a spending ban on cosmetics and beauty products this year and only allowing myself to buy replacements once i've used up the old products. By doing this, i've saved a fortune and I've used up lots of bits and bobs i've had laying around for a while taking up space and gathering dust. I've also done this with shoes, digging out new but never worn old shoes and getting wear from them rather than buying new ones. 

So now i'm intruiged as to what old clothes I can rediscover and get some more wear from. The change in season and temperature will give me an excuse to dig out some old favourites.

Has anyone been rediscovering some old favourites?



TheOtherSideofCool said...

Thats so cool you can fit into the jeans now- and what a bargain by the way!

10 Pan projects are really good, shows where we waste money and helps to save and really learn what we like and use! xxx

Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

Whoo that you lost weight and could wear your jeans but boo that it's because you were ill. Hope you're better now :)

choux pastry hearts said...

Feeling a little better, thank you Victoria :)

I have been skipping around in my Kate Moss jean all weekend feeling very happy with myself!