Thursday, 20 October 2011

Super Cosy

Just a quick post for now as I'm due in work at 2pm and it's now 1.06, luckily I live a 10 minute (quick) walk away!

Despite the illusion of a glorious summers day, today is bloody freezing!! I'm not complaining too much though, as this means I can now crack out my new 'super cosy' tights which I picked up in Primark at the weekend. I bought a black pair last year and I lived in them all winter, so when I saw them this time, I squeaked and did a little jump! I grabbed a pair of footless black and purpley red normal tights. I've yet to try out the footless ones, but I'm pleased they do these now as I like to wear boots in winter and I often find tights can be a bit slippy so I like to wear socks over my tights for extra non slip.

So today I'm showing off my new purpley red tights, it's just a shame that I'll be stuck stood behind a desk serving old ladies and chatting to kids coming back from school so they won't be appreciated as much as they should be!

I shall take a picture later, once my shift is done :)



Soph. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Primarks extra cosy tights!!! Seriously loving this weather right now! :) xx

Sakuranko said...


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