Thursday, 22 December 2011



I can't believe how quick this year has zoomed by! I'm so looking forward to Christmas, I started my shopping early this year and it's been torture keeping all my prezzies a secret. So many times I've nearly slipped up and said to my sister that her necklace will look lovely with the dress she's just bought, or telling my best friend that she'll love her Carrie necklace. So I really can't wait to give everyone their prezzies :) And also, my lovely boyfriend has bought me a laptop!!! This one has been dying slowly for the last few years and I've just put up with it, but when I spotted a lovely pink HP one in Currys a few months back and it went on sale, I just had to give in and admit laptop defeat.

I finish work at 1 tomorrow, so does my boyfriend so I'm going to hop into my car and drive into London to meet him then we're going to go spinning on the London Eye! I haven't been on it since I was 18, I'm really looking forward to seeing LDN all lit up!

Also a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery is a must, well it would be rude not to!

Then maybe a wander over to Hyde Park to see the Winter Wonderland before heading back home to snuggle up and watch Cars 2 before falling asleep :) 

Christmas eve will be spent baking mince pies, singing terrible Christmas songs, nibbling and getting far too excited that Father Christmas is coming sooooon!!!  

I doubt I'll sleep much that night knowing that in the morning it'll finally be here! We'll be opening prezzies and eating chocolates, my cats will be rolling about in all the wrapping paper and sitting in all the boxes. My sister and I will argue, causing my mother to tell us off. We'll eat a yummy dinner, my lovely friend Jason is popping over after lunch, maybe I'll offer him a mince pie if there are any left ;)
Then after a well needed nap I shall jump in my little car and mooch on over to my boyfriend's house to give him his prezzies, eat some more food then come back home and fall into bed and tap away on my lovely new laptop before falling asleep ^__^

Boxing Day we're off to the boy's nan's house with his family for more food :)

I think I shall need to invest in gym membership for the New Year after all the yummy food!

Merry Christmas Everyone


I've loved reading all the posts on how people are spending their Christmas :)


Monday, 12 December 2011

Best Friends

I've never really had a best girl friend, I've always seemed to warm to boys in favour of their no fuss or non bitchiness. Don't get me wrong, I've met lots of lovely girls who I'd consider to be great friends, but sometimes girls, and that's me included, can be far too over dramatic and fussy whereas I've found a boy best friend to tell you as it is and get on with things.

When I was at school, I had a lovely friend Hannah, due to being in different classes and living a few towns away from each other, we never really got to spend too much time together and these were the days before the Internet or mobile phones were popular so communication wasn't quite so easy (showing my age here..during the war lol) She moved away to a small Island off of Scotland at 16 and we lost contact.

Fast forward a few years and the advancement of technology, we spoke on MSN and swapped numbers then Facebook and we started to chat more and more. Now I consider her to be my best girl friend (BGF). She goes against all my preconceptions of having a BGF and I adore her to pieces. She's so kind and thoughtful, never bitchy or whiney and always has time for me when I need her.

She visits a few times a year and I'm determined to fly up and see her this year too. I was sad to see her leave this time, more so than other visits and I think the penny has dropped and I've realised how lovely it is to have such a close female friend. As lovely as boys are, sometimes you need a girl to talk to. We spent a day together wandering around Bluewater shopping center and enjoyed the yummiest afternoon tea in the Cadbury Cocoa House. I hope the weather is nicer on her next visit and we can venture out somewhere nice. 

 This one wouldn't rotate :(

Do you have a BGF?