Friday, 28 December 2012

Daxon Blogger Network

While catching up on my fave blogs tonight, I stumbled upon this post by Lucy giving bloggers the chance to receive a £50 Amazon voucher. I've got my eye on a glass Kitchenaid bowl so this would come in very handy for me!

Daxon are looking to expand their network of bloggers. By adding their badge to your sidebar and writing a short blog post informing other bloggers of this great opportunity, you'll receive a £50 Amazon voucher in return. Just make sure you email your post off to Daxon before the 31st. 
Check out the Daxon site for more details

While you're there, check out their bedroom range. Many items are 70% off so there's a bargain to be had, especially if you're after a shabby chic floral duvet or some luxurious bedding. 

I have my eye on this lovely set

 I had a browse at their skirts, by day i'm a librarian so i'm expected to dress smart casual, and this skirt would be perfect for skipping about being very serious at work, and for only £11... that's pennies left over to spend on shoes!


I love a winter boot, it's so satisfying stepping on a crispy leaf or jumping about in the snow when you're wearing big cosy winter boots, and these are definitely my style. 


It's worth a go, no?


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Simply having a winderful Christmas time

I hope everyone is having a peaceful and festive Christmas, spending time with those who love you and being spoilt rotten.
Christmas is the best excuse to wear a onesie, veg out all day playing with your new gadgets and toys, and eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner guilt free. This is exactly what i've been doing.

I've been a lucky girl this year, my naughty family have spoilt me, as I have done them.

Told you I've been spoilt!
I'd been harping on about wanting a Kitchenaid mixer for a while and a few months ago my boyfriend caved in and surprised me with a trip to the shops to pick one out. Naughty boy, but a very happy Laura! I was allowed to open it a few weeks ago and I've used it dozens of times already to make Christmas pudding, cake mix, pastry, butter cream..the list is endless!
The naughty boy also bought me my favourite Yankee Candle scent Red Velvet. Mmmmm!  And a pair of Mel shoes I'd had my eye on.
The Roku box is more for him than me, I think. Last year we ran an aeriel lead to my bedroom TV, but the signal wasn't great and the door wouldn't shut, so this little box full of wizards will allow me to watch all sorts of Internet catch up TV shows. It will need setting up and he loves a gadget so I'll leave this to him until Come Dine With Me magically appears on my TV!
His family bought me a Ted Baker wash bag and some bath goodies to fill it.

My lovely mum bought me a gorgeous Royal Albert tea cup and saucer that I've been pining for and my sister has been making cakepops with MY cakepop maker she gave me. 

I shall go back to my blanket on the sofa and watch Christmas films until bed time.

Merry Christmas :)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation Review

A few months ago I received a newsletter email from YSL promoting their new Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation and a voucher to take along to a beauty counter for a little sample. With a skip and a jump, I toddled off to Boots and got colour matched, by a lady who was a little more orange than was needed, and off I went home with a little bottle of BR30 to use for the week.

I really liked this foundation, but as I'd just bought a bottle of Rimmel's Wake me up foundation, I decided it would have to wait for now. Skip forward a month when Boots have a £12 worth of points when you spend £50 and all my willpower dissolved as I stepped foot in the store greeted by a lovely lady with lolly pops!

This time there was a more natural skin toned lady on the YSL counter and she colour matched me to a lighter BR20 which I was pleased with and handed over my money, along with buying a Remington Curling Wand and 3 bottles of Models Own Wonderland Polishes. Happy that I now had £12 of points to spend on me for Christmas.

I've been using this foundation every day for a week and I'm so impressed, the shade matches my pale skin perfectly. There were 22 shades to pick from, ranging from very pale to very dark and everything in between so I don't think they've left anyone out at all. It blends really well, lasts all day and I don't look shiny or orange by midday which I find often happens with foundations.

Thumbs up from me!

Has anyone else tried this foundation?


Recent Purchases

I've been very naughty over the last few weeks, as you can see!

Marc Jacobs Dot, Lady GaGa Fame, Yankee Candle Pink Lady Slipper, YSL Foundation BR20, 
Models Own Wonderland Polishes, Dove Leave in Conditioner

After being very good and not spending too much in the hope to save some pennies for Christmas prezzies, I had a splurge and spent it all on myself! Oopsie!

I'm currently wrapped up in my duvet with a cold, feeling sorry for myself :( 
I'm going to write a review of a few of these products to cheer myself up

Has anyone had a recent splurge?
i like to see what other people are cheekily buying


Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Amsterdam look

This is my entry for the My Amsterdam weekend look for the easyJet holidays competition where someone will win an amazing mini holiday plus spending money and a cocktail experience at the House of Bols cocktail bar!
I've never been to Amsterdam myself, but a college of mine recently attended a wedding where there was a whole field of the most vibrant, colourful flowers and ever since seeing the holiday photos, I've wanted to see it for myself.

I've based my look not only on style, but on comfort. A medium heel boot is perfect for mooching around a city, taking in the atmosphere and seeing the gorgeous sites a foreign city has to offer. A flowing skirt billowing in the breeze, making you look effortlessly gliding in a perfect autumnal colour. I've teamed a plain white vest top with a waistcoat to show off the gorgeous lace detail. Imagine taking a break and heading to a coffee shop, taking off your coat to reveal a pretty jacket underneath, still snuggled up in a scarf. I've added gloves that allow you to still use your phone and camera so you won't miss a perfect picture opportunity, and to keep your noggin warm, a gorgeous faux fur hat. It's my biggest dream of owning a Mulberry bag, and given the opportunity to travel, it would most certainly have to come with me to store my girlie bits and pieces in. 

I wanted my look cool but understated to blend into the crowd and not take anything away from the stunning scenery that's everywhere to be seen in Amsterdam.  

I can't imagine seeing such beautiful things, I'd love the chance to go and see for myself.

I hope you like the look I've put together for spending the day mooching around a beautiful city. You can enter too, just make sure it's before midnight on Friday 28th September.


Monday, 24 September 2012

My new Nexus 7

I've been more than happy, until now, with using my Blackberry Torch and laptop for everyday Internet use. My boyfriend is a complete gadget geek; anything new, he knows about and is on his wish list. He's had endless fancy phones and tablets, I see him tapping about on them and it's so overwhelming to a complete technophobe like me, that I just retreat back to my BB knowing that it does a few simple things that don't confuse me too much.

After a routine trip to every technology shop to check out the tablets wander in Lakeside, I noticed the new Nexus 7 tablet and decided to take the plunge into Android and treat myself.

I'm so impressed with this little tablet, it's quickly becoming my go-to when I need to tap about on the Internet, it's much easier to use than my BB and a lot quicker to power up than my laptop. It's snappy, fast and so user friendly, even to a girl like me.

I've bought a magnetic screen cover which puts it to sleep, and just so happens to be a lovely pink colour along with a stylus to tap away with, which makes me feel like my reading blogs/emails/the news is important official business, rather than me passing time or being nosey.

I'm so pleased with my little tablet and I hope to blog a little more regularly now that I'm able to understand technology a little more. 


Monday, 21 May 2012

Don't Break The Chain

I'm definitely the queen of procrastination, if something can be put off until next week tomorrow then I'm more than happy to do so. I annoy myself by being so laid back about things and every now and then need a kick up the bottom to get things done. 

Silly me put my hand up high when volunteers were needed for the annual Carnegie day at work. Basically, a handful of books are shortlisted for an award for children's/young adult fiction, us volunteers and school children from local schools read all the books and we get together in small groups and discuss them until we pick a winner. This happens all over the country and at the end of the day a national winner is announced. It's a really fun day that involves lots of tea and cakes and chatting. 

However, it means reading 8 books in 6 weeks. For some people this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm finding it hard. I hate being told what to do, especially when I'm given a deadline and then left to my own devices. part of me thinks 'would it matter if i don't read the books? I can blag it!' But that's cheating, I know.

While wasting spending time on YouTube last week, i came across this video by charlieissocoollike called Don't Break The Chain. The idea is you make a calendar that you can mark off each day when you complete your chosen task. Whether it be revising, exercising, reading or whatever you need a push to keep up. Looking at the chain you're making is motivation to keep at it and not let the side down. this idea seems so simple to me, but I really think it's what I need right now to keep me motivated (she says here writing a Blog post rather than reading a book)

I was about to put off reading spend my evening making a calendar when i did a lil googling and found someone had already made one! Excellent, i have printed one off, pinned it to my notice board. There's no going back now, I pledge to read for 30 minutes a day, not only to get through these books but to keep up with my ever growing pile of 'to read' books that I pick up daily. Hopefully my calendar will look as lovely as that one.

Is this something that would help you?


Friday, 20 April 2012

Beauty Tips

I love hearing new tips and ideas on how to make things easier and achieve the impossible so I decided to write a post with a few of my fave tips

*  to save your hair overheating and burning when using a hairdryer and straighteners, dry it 90% then spend a few mins away from the heat and let your hair dry off naturally. Put your make up on, pick out your clothes for the day or make a cuppa and have a rest :)

* run out of dry shampoo and don't have time to wash and re style your hair? Rub some talc into your roots-it'll do the same job, just remember to brush it through!

*I dye my hair regularly have have oodles of the little fiddly tubes of conditioner that come with the dyes. I used up a travel bottle of conditioner then squeezed all the little tubes into it and top it up when I buy a new dye. 

* if your hair is a bit static because of weather/fabric/just being a pain, spray hairspray on a brush then run it through your hair.

* wear your hair in a loose bun during the day, then let your hair down in the evening and it'll be lovely and wavy.

* you're just about to leave the house and you find a small ladder in your tights! dab a blob of clear or matching nail polish around the hole and it should set it for a few hours. 

* To get a few more uses out of your mascara when it's on it's last legs, pop it in a glass of hot water for 2 minutes, carefully remove and it'll be as good as new. 

Those are just a few that I thought of while making lunch earlier, I'll update when I think of some more. Please leave me a comment and share your tips :)


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lemon cake recipe

After hounding a lady I work with for this recipe a few years ago, I have made it countless times and it is by far my favourite lemon cake. Ever. To celebrate my new found love for spring, I thought I'd have a little baking session and enjoy my cake with a cup of tea.  

It was only after making my yummy cake that I had the idea of sharing the recipe, so do excuse the post cake making pictures.

Laura's Yummy Lemon Cake

150g tub of low fat plain yogurt
(Use the empty tub as an easy measure to make the cake)
2x caster sugar
3x pots self raising flour
1x sunflour oil
2 large eggs
Grated rind of 1 lemon

Place all the ingredients into a bowl or mixer and mix until combined (I like to put the dry ingredients in first and mix together, then add the wet ingredients, lastly adding the lemon zest). Pour into your chosen cake tin, an 8inch cake tin is recommended but I've used all sorts. Bake in the oven at 170 cent/325f/gas mark 3 for 50 minutes. As always, keep an eye on your cake in case the cooking time needs to be adjusted.

Once cooked, remove from the oven, leave to cool for 5 minutes and pierce the cake in several places. Squeeze the juice from the lemon into a cup, add a teaspoon of sugar and mix, then spoon over the top of the cake and allow to cool. 

Devour your cake with a cup of tea.

If you've tried this recipe or something similar then let me know.



Spring doesn't officially start until next Tuesday so I am a week early, but I've woken up today after a lovely long sleep and I'm feeling like today is the start of spring time here in the UK. The sun is out, the weather is fresh and I can hear all the birdies singing. Lovely :)

Spring means a few things to me, out go the wooly tights and coats, in come the sheer tights and cardigans to slowly ease me into Summer  pop socks and pretty dresses! I can't wait!