Friday, 20 April 2012

Beauty Tips

I love hearing new tips and ideas on how to make things easier and achieve the impossible so I decided to write a post with a few of my fave tips

*  to save your hair overheating and burning when using a hairdryer and straighteners, dry it 90% then spend a few mins away from the heat and let your hair dry off naturally. Put your make up on, pick out your clothes for the day or make a cuppa and have a rest :)

* run out of dry shampoo and don't have time to wash and re style your hair? Rub some talc into your roots-it'll do the same job, just remember to brush it through!

*I dye my hair regularly have have oodles of the little fiddly tubes of conditioner that come with the dyes. I used up a travel bottle of conditioner then squeezed all the little tubes into it and top it up when I buy a new dye. 

* if your hair is a bit static because of weather/fabric/just being a pain, spray hairspray on a brush then run it through your hair.

* wear your hair in a loose bun during the day, then let your hair down in the evening and it'll be lovely and wavy.

* you're just about to leave the house and you find a small ladder in your tights! dab a blob of clear or matching nail polish around the hole and it should set it for a few hours. 

* To get a few more uses out of your mascara when it's on it's last legs, pop it in a glass of hot water for 2 minutes, carefully remove and it'll be as good as new. 

Those are just a few that I thought of while making lunch earlier, I'll update when I think of some more. Please leave me a comment and share your tips :)


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Angelica said...

I love tips, they are always very helpful. The Mascara one is so good. x