Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Amsterdam look

This is my entry for the My Amsterdam weekend look for the easyJet holidays competition where someone will win an amazing mini holiday plus spending money and a cocktail experience at the House of Bols cocktail bar!
I've never been to Amsterdam myself, but a college of mine recently attended a wedding where there was a whole field of the most vibrant, colourful flowers and ever since seeing the holiday photos, I've wanted to see it for myself.

I've based my look not only on style, but on comfort. A medium heel boot is perfect for mooching around a city, taking in the atmosphere and seeing the gorgeous sites a foreign city has to offer. A flowing skirt billowing in the breeze, making you look effortlessly gliding in a perfect autumnal colour. I've teamed a plain white vest top with a waistcoat to show off the gorgeous lace detail. Imagine taking a break and heading to a coffee shop, taking off your coat to reveal a pretty jacket underneath, still snuggled up in a scarf. I've added gloves that allow you to still use your phone and camera so you won't miss a perfect picture opportunity, and to keep your noggin warm, a gorgeous faux fur hat. It's my biggest dream of owning a Mulberry bag, and given the opportunity to travel, it would most certainly have to come with me to store my girlie bits and pieces in. 

I wanted my look cool but understated to blend into the crowd and not take anything away from the stunning scenery that's everywhere to be seen in Amsterdam.  

I can't imagine seeing such beautiful things, I'd love the chance to go and see for myself.

I hope you like the look I've put together for spending the day mooching around a beautiful city. You can enter too, just make sure it's before midnight on Friday 28th September.


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