Monday, 24 September 2012

My new Nexus 7

I've been more than happy, until now, with using my Blackberry Torch and laptop for everyday Internet use. My boyfriend is a complete gadget geek; anything new, he knows about and is on his wish list. He's had endless fancy phones and tablets, I see him tapping about on them and it's so overwhelming to a complete technophobe like me, that I just retreat back to my BB knowing that it does a few simple things that don't confuse me too much.

After a routine trip to every technology shop to check out the tablets wander in Lakeside, I noticed the new Nexus 7 tablet and decided to take the plunge into Android and treat myself.

I'm so impressed with this little tablet, it's quickly becoming my go-to when I need to tap about on the Internet, it's much easier to use than my BB and a lot quicker to power up than my laptop. It's snappy, fast and so user friendly, even to a girl like me.

I've bought a magnetic screen cover which puts it to sleep, and just so happens to be a lovely pink colour along with a stylus to tap away with, which makes me feel like my reading blogs/emails/the news is important official business, rather than me passing time or being nosey.

I'm so pleased with my little tablet and I hope to blog a little more regularly now that I'm able to understand technology a little more. 


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