Friday, 28 December 2012

Daxon Blogger Network

While catching up on my fave blogs tonight, I stumbled upon this post by Lucy giving bloggers the chance to receive a £50 Amazon voucher. I've got my eye on a glass Kitchenaid bowl so this would come in very handy for me!

Daxon are looking to expand their network of bloggers. By adding their badge to your sidebar and writing a short blog post informing other bloggers of this great opportunity, you'll receive a £50 Amazon voucher in return. Just make sure you email your post off to Daxon before the 31st. 
Check out the Daxon site for more details

While you're there, check out their bedroom range. Many items are 70% off so there's a bargain to be had, especially if you're after a shabby chic floral duvet or some luxurious bedding. 

I have my eye on this lovely set

 I had a browse at their skirts, by day i'm a librarian so i'm expected to dress smart casual, and this skirt would be perfect for skipping about being very serious at work, and for only £11... that's pennies left over to spend on shoes!


I love a winter boot, it's so satisfying stepping on a crispy leaf or jumping about in the snow when you're wearing big cosy winter boots, and these are definitely my style. 


It's worth a go, no?


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Simply having a winderful Christmas time

I hope everyone is having a peaceful and festive Christmas, spending time with those who love you and being spoilt rotten.
Christmas is the best excuse to wear a onesie, veg out all day playing with your new gadgets and toys, and eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner guilt free. This is exactly what i've been doing.

I've been a lucky girl this year, my naughty family have spoilt me, as I have done them.

Told you I've been spoilt!
I'd been harping on about wanting a Kitchenaid mixer for a while and a few months ago my boyfriend caved in and surprised me with a trip to the shops to pick one out. Naughty boy, but a very happy Laura! I was allowed to open it a few weeks ago and I've used it dozens of times already to make Christmas pudding, cake mix, pastry, butter cream..the list is endless!
The naughty boy also bought me my favourite Yankee Candle scent Red Velvet. Mmmmm!  And a pair of Mel shoes I'd had my eye on.
The Roku box is more for him than me, I think. Last year we ran an aeriel lead to my bedroom TV, but the signal wasn't great and the door wouldn't shut, so this little box full of wizards will allow me to watch all sorts of Internet catch up TV shows. It will need setting up and he loves a gadget so I'll leave this to him until Come Dine With Me magically appears on my TV!
His family bought me a Ted Baker wash bag and some bath goodies to fill it.

My lovely mum bought me a gorgeous Royal Albert tea cup and saucer that I've been pining for and my sister has been making cakepops with MY cakepop maker she gave me. 

I shall go back to my blanket on the sofa and watch Christmas films until bed time.

Merry Christmas :)