Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Boots

Friday night was a sad night..picture the scene:
I got home after a busy day, schlomped back on my bed so glad to be home, forced myself to sit up to take my boots off..reached for the zip and OUCH! 
The poxy zip had broken and a pokey outy metal bit cut my thumb!

(Cue sad music)
I've had my beloved boots for 2 years, I remember the day when I saw them in the Schuh sale, the last pair on the shelf..in my size! YESS! They looked so smart new, and once I’d worn them in a little, they looked and felt great. I've worn them to death..literally. So now they face the big shoe box in the sky. 
On a more serious note, because shoe shopping is serious business..I needed new boots. I totted off to the shops today and feeling very downhearted, I nearly came away with no boots :( 

I was all ready to give up and go home, I cut through New Look shoe department just incase a magic pair of boots had appeared in the 30 mins I’d not been in there. And there they were! Boots I hadn’t seen! There was only one pair in a size 3..I’m a 6 so I knew I wasn't going to fit in them. I asked a girl working there if they had any more and she showed me over to the teen section. 

Being a curvy girl, I grew out of the teen section aged 14 so it's not an area I’m familiar with, but in front of me stood a big wall of shoes that go up to a size 6 and even better VAT free! I found my boots, skipped around in them for a minute or two, walking from one side of the area to the other..the walk you're so embarrassed by when you're 6 and your mum takes you to Clarks for school shoes, but as an adult, you realise is actually a good way to test your shoes..

I am now the proud owner of a lovely new pair of boots :)

Do you cross over to the teen section? I think I'll keep my eye on the teen shoe section in future


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Maria Fallon said...

These boots are lovely, I would never have thought to look in the teen section!

Maria xxx