Monday, 4 March 2013

What I spent my Daxon 350 voucher on

A few months ago, Daxon offered bloggers who joined their VIP network a £50 Amazon voucher in exchange for an advertising post on your blog. I was a little sceptical, but I had my eye on something so I thought why not :) You can see my post here

Well, I recieved my voucher as promised and after a should I, shouldnt I? moment, I just couldn't stop myself from clicking BUY ME NOW!

It wasn't until after I'd gone through the check out that I realised the item was out of stock, so I had to wait 2 weeks for it to come back. But I'm so happy :D

So what did I buy?

A glass bowl for my Kitchenaid <3 span="">

I was such a lucky girl to recieve a Raspberry Ice Kitchenaid for Christmas from my wonderful boyfriend (he actually let me have it in November because I had lots of Christmas cooking to do so got to test it out propperly). While browsing to see what colour I wanted, Images kept popping up from American websites offering the glass bowl as standard, rather than the stainless steel one that's offered in the UK. To say i was well jell would be an understatemnet but at £61 I just couldn't justify it to myself..yet..and I whipped up a baking storm for a few months quite happy with my metal bowl it comes with.
Until Daxon gave me £50.
I can justify £11 for a glass bowl. OH YES. 

So 2 weeks passed and it arrived on my doorstep after work one day, YAY!
I quickly gave it a wash, clipped it in place and whipped up some cupcakes to take to work the next day. I'm so pleased with the bowl, it's very heavy and sturdy, looks beautiful clipped into my mixer and is a tad bigger than the metal bowl so can hold a little more.

The glass bowl has turned my beautiful pink beast from wonderful to amazing :)

Having 2 bowl is really handy too, I can make a cake mix in one and then whip up some buttercream in the other without having to wash one out to re use it. It does mean more washing up at the end though. That's what boyfriend are for ;)

Did anyone else get a Daxon voucher? I'd love to see what it was spent on.


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